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WSO2 APIM Error codes
  • WSO2 APIM maintains a list of error codes associated with different faulty scenarios. Which is very helpful to handle an erroneous situation in your environment. In this Document, I will list down possible error codes that can be occurred. APIM contain APIM specific error codes due to API management related faulty.
  • Also, it can we thrown Synapse related error codes due to transport related exception. When APIM gateway faces a erroneous situation it will notify to the client using these error codes by embedding to the response message.
  • Also if you have enabled runtime statistics you will be able to get those error as an event. Also in APIM dashboard, you can see the faulty related invocations. Note that in statistics you only get the transport related error.
  • APIM Specific error codes and reasons
    Error code Error Message Description
    900900 Unclassified Authentication Failure An unspecified error has occurred
    900901 Invalid Credentials Invalid Authentication information provided
    900902 Missing Credentials No authentication information provided
    900905 Incorrect Access Token Type is provided The access token type used is not supported when invoking the API. The supported access token types are application and a user accesses tokens. See Access Tokens.
    900906 No matching resource found in the API for the given request A resource with the name in the request cannot be found in the API.
    900907 The requested API is temporarily blocked The status of the API has been changed to an inaccessible/unavailable state.
    900908 Resource forbidden The user invoking the API has not been granted access to the required resource.
    900909 The subscription to the API is inactive Happens when the API user is blocked.
    900910 The access token does not allow you to access the requested resource Can not access the required resource with the provided access token. Check the valid resources that can be accessed with this token.
    900800 Message throttled out The maximum number of requests that can be made to the API within a designated time period is reached and the API is throttled for the user.
    700700 API blocked This API has been blocked temporarily. Please try again later or contact the system administrators.
  • Synapse related error codes and reasons
    Error code Description
    101000 Receiver input/output error sending
    101001 Receiver input/output error receiving
    101500 Sender input/output error sending
    101501 Sender input/output error receiving
    101503 Connection failed
    101504 Connection timed out (no input was detected on this connection over the maximum period of inactivity)
    101505 Connection closed
    101506 NHTTP protocol violation
    101507 Connection canceled
    101508 Request to establish new connection timed out
    101509 Send abort
    101510 Response processing failed
  • Some of the following synapse error codes depending on the API synapse
    Error code Description
    303000 Load Balance endpoint is not ready to connect
    303000 Recipient List Endpoint is not ready
    303000 Failover endpoint is not ready to connect
    303001 Address Endpoint is not ready to connect
    303002 WSDL Address is not ready to connect
    309001 Session aware load balance endpoint, No ready child endpoints
    309002 Session aware load balance endpoint, Invalid reference
    309003 Session aware load balance endpoint, Failed session
    303100 A failover occurred in a Load balance endpoint
    304100 A failover occurred in a Failover endpoint
    305100 Indirect endpoint not ready
    401000 Callout operation failed (from the callout mediator)

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